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The curriculum covers basic sanitary methods, proper knife skills and how to steam, blanch, sauté, sweat, sear, broil, roast, bake, braise, stew, and grill. Using these techniques students will learn how to prepare stocks, broths, soups, grains, legumes, basic savory breads, desserts, raw and gluten free recipes as well as vegetable cookery to prepare a plethora of nutritious, delicious and attractive meals. 

Students will master processes used by working chefs, and learn how to apply them in a personal or professional environment. Throughout the course, enrollees will study global cuisines while creating composed dishes as well as learn how to use food to treat a broad lifestyle disease spectrum. Upon completion of the program, students will feel more confident and comfortable working in a home or professional kitchen. 

The cost of Vegchef for 31 August 2020 cohort is 4199€ (Spring 2021 price pending)    

Price break down: 

  • Tuition: 1900€
  • Insurance, Ingredients & Equipment: 1000€
  • Meals, accomodation and campus membership: 1299€