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Course syllabus

Course syllabus


Vegchef has 5 modules: 

  1. Practical and theoretical training (approximately 10 weeks full time)
  2. Intensives in plant-based nutrition (1 week full time)
  3. Intensives in entrepreneurship/small business management (1 weeks full time)
  4. Intensives in vegan desserts (1 week full time)
  5. Internships for each student at plant-based institutions around the world  (8 weeks full time) 


The 18 units comprising module 1: Practical and Theoretical training

For more info on this part don't hesitate to contact us. 

Unit 1: Orientation & Course Overview

In this lesson we want to be sure that you understand the course structure and how the hybridised on-line, on-site learning platform works. We also want to explain what we expect of you as a student, and what you can expect from us. This introductory unit sets the stage for your learning.

Unit 2: Getting Set Up

This unit gets you ready to cook and set up for success. You’ll learn about stocking your kitchen with the necessary ingredients and tools, as well as the basics of plant-based nutrition. You will also learn more about making plant-based choices and, ultimately, why it’s important to be able to cook plants and build healthful, delicious meals.

Unit 3: Knives & Knife Cuts

Unit 4: Basic Cooking Methods, Part 1

Unit 5: Basic Cooking Methods, Part 2

Unit 6: Batch Cooking

Unit 7: Daily Meal Inspiration

Unit 8: Flavor, Seasoning & Texture

Unit 9: Plant-Based Staples

Unit 10: Plant-Based Alternatives to Meat & Dairy

Unit 11: Pasta & Noodles

Unit 12: Oil-Free & Low-Sodium Cooking

Unit 13: Intro to Culinary Wellness 

Unit 14: Gluten-Free Cooking

Unit 15: No-Heat Cooking | Raw Gastronomy

Unit 16: Plant-Based World of Flavors

Unit 17: Plant-Based Entertaining & garnishing

Unit 18: Final Assessment

This is where it all comes together. In this unit, you will be given your final assessment on the material that is covered in the preceding units. After this we will be sending you out to do internships around the world!


Intensives in plant based desserts:

This course focuses on essential techniques and recipes so you can create quality vegan desserts with confidence. The course starts with an explanation of key equipment, ingredient selection and function, and foundational techniques for creating desserts without the use of eggs and dairy. As you progress, learning activities and practice recipes will showcase your ability to prepare and finish an array of vegan desserts ranging from pies, cakes, tarts and cookies to aquafaba, mousses, gels, trifles and sauces.


Intensives in plant based nutrition:

This course covers basic nutritional concepts for health and fitness. Recommended intakes of macro and micronutrients and their existence in plant-based foods. Current plant-based recommendations for maximizing well-being and minimizing risk of chronic disease. Including methods for how to evaluate nutritional claims, principles of plant-based nutrition, safe and economic use of supplements, energy balance, basic elements of food safety, diet for exercise and sports. This course has an emphasis on principles and application of medical nutrition therapy as related to clusters of lifestyle diseases such as heart-disease, diabetes and high-blood pressure instructing how to arrest and reverse them. 


Intensives in business principles & entrepreneurship:

This course is designed to help students evaluate the business skills and commitment necessary to successfully operate an entrepreneurial venture and review the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. Students will learn about themselves, personal development, their decisions, and their goals to determine how entrepreneurship can play a role in their lives. Students will also be introduced to entrepreneurship from an economic perspective. The course covers fundamental principles of product management, marketing, branding, sales, teambuilding, systems and finance. The content is adapted to helping students in the setting up of food trucks, cafés or restaurants. 


Internships at selected plant-based institutions:

The final module in Vegchef aims at putting all the learning together into a 8-week internship with selected Vegchef partnered restaurants and institutions from around the world. 
During this period the student will be mentored by a chosen chef from the selected restaurant/institution to get proper exposure to all the duties revolving upon a commis chef or chef de partie. Food and accommodation is provided by the host institution. 
The student is allowed to find his/her own institution for internship as long as it matches with our selected criteria. 


Graduating Masterchef challenge may 2019


A word from our business & entrepreneurship teacher Lorand Soares