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Vegchef - Scandinavian Plant-Based Culinary School

Vegchef is a 12 week (plus eight-week internship) plant-based chef school developed in order to meet the growing demand for skilled plant-based chefs who want to impact their community, families and friends with the power of the healthiest and most delicious food on the planet.

About Vegchef

Vegchef is operated by the health department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Sweden https://www.adventist.se in collaboration with the  educational institution, Ekebyholms (http://www.ekebyholm.se). 

Vegchef is partnered with some of the world's leading online culinary educators - to deliver a hybradized, cutting-edge, professional qualification. Our program is recognized by the American Culinary Federation and the World Association of Chefs Services giving it world-wide recognition as a quality program and as an entry level to the chef industry. 


What will you learn?

During the months at Vegchef in Sweden you will not only study essential nutrition science and small business management, but also gain practical culinary skills and experience that will prepare you for the eight-week internship placement at a leading plant-based restaurant. Our program is ideally suited for a career in plant-based cookery, as a professional chef (USA) or commi chef (rest of the world), but will also appeal to those who want to complement their skills as a nutritionist, home cook or medical missionary.

We have partnered with leading vegetarian restaurants around the world (from England, Norway, Australia, New Zealand to Israel and Sweden to mention a few) to make sure our students get proper exposure in the field. During the 8-weeks of internship you will receive training in meal prep, managing different stations, plating and working with a set-menu. You will be under supervision by the partnering restaurant to maximize your learning outcome so that when you finish you will be able to enter the industry with confidence.  


Where is it?

Vegchef is located at Ekebyholm, in 50 min driving distance from Stockholm Central, 30 min from Arlanda International Airport. Built as a castle estate in the 17th century by Swedish noblemen, it has been functioning for many years as a thriving school. Vegchef students may stay in their own room on campus or arrange accommodation privately. Practical training on the premises will be conducted in the well-equipped, purpose-built and state-of-the-art kitchens.


When does it happen?

The official start date of the autumn program is August 2019. At the end of the course our students will embark on an eight-week internship at a plant-based restaurant of their choosing in Europe or farther abroad. We have partnered with institutions from Israel to Australia to give you a wide range of options.

The official start date of the Spring program is in January.


How much?

Full cost of the program is €4000. That includes:

  • Tuition fee
  • Food & Accomodation
  • All ingredients
  • All equipment needed
  • Campus membership (gives access to sportshall, sauna, gym, ice-skates, canoes)
  • Training aprons and chefs hats will be provided
  • Field Trips



During the course you will learn everything from how to set up your kitchen properly, the map of cooking, professional knife cutting skills, a wide range of plant-based international recipies, vegan desserts, how to cook raw and gluten free as well as how to use foods for treating lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
A syllabus description is found below (with our personal addition of plant-based desserts and other elements in the vegchef program): 


And afterwards?

We are currently one of the only on-site hybridized plant-based chef programs in the world recognized as an entry level to the chef's industry. With the specialty skills acquired at Vegchef, you will be employable anywhere in the restaurant industry. You may even be offered a job at your internship restaurant after the completion of the eight weeks there. We believe that the demand for plant-based food will explode over the next few years all around the world: with a qualification like the one gained at Vegchef, bright career prospects await you!